Mediocre banking, mediocre goals

When I first got to the UK at the top of my to-do list was to get a bank account. Aside from it being nearly impossible without having any bills in your name at an address (this is harder than it sounds) I finally got an account with Lloyds. Why Lloyds? They had a nice font. Differentiators The biggest thing I noticed when I was bank shopping was the lack of differentiation between them. »

The blockchain in finance

Over the past few months I’ve been looking into banking infrastructure, and what it could look like if it was re-engineered with our current knowledge of software. I’ve touched on the UX experience for OTP, as well as started writing the payments portion. As I continue development on this project (feel free to follow along at Github), I continually question assumptions and look for the best alternatives available. My understanding of the banking industry at a software and hardware implementation level (server organisation, regulation application, failovers, etc) is fairly limited, but strong enough to make a decent attempt on how it could be done. »