About Me

I am 30 years old from Johannesburg, South Africa currently residing in London, United Kingdom and am a recipient of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa. I have a decade of programming experience, most recently employed as Lead Engineer at a mobile communications encryption company. My main focus was on project management and product development, working with a team under me to ensure stakeholder interests are aligned with the projects, while ensuring that the software is developed in a correct manner. Overall stability of the platform and our various deployments’ infrastructure was also a main focus, including access to and the securing of the various deployments.

Over the years I have built and managed several enterprise products. The most recent I was in charge of all backend related products and manage the build out with a team of developers. This role was both technical and managerial and required knowledge of not only software and specific environments, but also of the enterprise landscape. I liaised with various stakeholders up to the board members to ensure that the product vision is aligned with our current product and roadmap. It has also given me great insight into working with corporations and governments in various territories and at various levels.

Kyle Redelinghuys at the Bull

I have previously served as Chief Technology Officer of a media agency where all products, as well as our technical direction as a company, was directed through my insight. I helped grow the company from the ground up, and at the time of my moving on the company had grown in capacity, revenue and number of saleable products. Both this role and my recent roles required an acute awareness of costing the services we provide as a whole, and I was tasked with ensuring these costs are kept as low as possible.

In my private capacity I have built several closed and open source projects which have gained international attention. The largest of these is a core banking solution focused on modern and open standards. The solution includes a fully REST API, functionality across the entire banking stack, mobile applications and a focus on integration within the current financial environment. This software has also been rolled into a transactional accounts as a service offering, making heavy use of deployment software such as Ansible.

Having moved into a more managerial role, I am happy to be using my technical insight in order to find the best solution for a given problem and give guidance on implementation. When building enterprise products, the goals are always stability and longevity and design decisions are built around these necessities.

I am also studying a BSc Banking and Finance degree through the London School of Economics (distance via the University of London) and am an avid trailrunner.

For code, jump to my GitHub profile. For professional information, jump to LinkedIn.

If you would like to get in touch, send a mail over to kyle AT ksred.me