Bank update: Errors, tests and responses

This is more of an incremental update from the last post. I’ve spent loads of hours carrying the changes for testing and error handling across the entire project while making sure there is not a break in functionality. In addition to doing this, I have also started to seriously investigate some prepaid solutions, which I will go through at the end of this post. Errors and tests I finished a big implementation of testing and error handling - 1400 lines added, 400 lines removed. »

Bank: Implementing testing and error checking

In the latest iteration of the banking project, I decided to focus on two aspects first: Implementing tests Proper error handling With the project already well underway, there was quite a lot of refactoring involved and as usual a lot was learned. Testing Difficulties around goroutines The first stop for implementing testing in the current project was looking at the client and the server. The server runs in a goroutine and is intended to be long living. »

Bank: New design

This post is part of a series on a project I am doing to build banking architecture. One of the great things about tackling a new project is that you get to work on many different aspects. With a decent amount of functionality tied down, I decided to do some work on the design of the brand and application. Logo As always, a first stop is the logo. I found an icon from The Noun Project and a great font from Creative Market for a total of $11. »

A deeper look at integrating payments

Over the past week I’ve put in quite a bit of time looking at the next step in the banking project. One of the more pressing issues I’ve been wanting to get done is real world payment integration. This post is a follow up to a previous post. The goal The end result I am aiming for is quite simple: to let Alice pay Bob from their mobile. Alice could also request payment from Bob, and Bob can pay Alice without having a user account on the system. »

Bank project: Integrating in the real world

After building out a rough version of an iOS app to showcase the functionality, I’ve put a lot of thought into the next steps to take. The immediate follow on: Fix the iOS app, make stable Integrate required functionality into the server for the above Write tests Documentation This can be written over the course of a few weeks and is also ongoing. In the greater scheme, the project should have some real world use. »

Bank project: iOS app and go live

This post is part of a series on a project I am doing to build banking architecture. This weekend I finally managed to get around to doing more development work on the banking project. The tasks I decided to tackle was to finish implementing the server calls into the iOS application. I am pleased to announce that the project is now live for the most alpha of alpha testing. You can download the application here. »

Insight into banking software, a chat with 22seven

As a result of my project to build out banking infrastructure from the ground up I am reaching out to people in the finance industry. Recently while visting the always amazing Cape Town, the Chief Technology Officer of 22seven Kenny Inggs was kind enough to sit down with me and have a chat. The following post will include large amounts of insight from our chat, as well as more general thoughts on the industry at large. »

Bank: Account listing and deposit acceptance

This post is part of a series on a project I am doing to build banking architecture. As I found myself faced with an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany I decided to put the time to good use. I mentioned in my last post the two pieces of functionality left outstanding before a fully fledged client could be implemented, this functionality was: Listing of accounts Deposits Listing accounts The listing of accounts is open for now: any user can retreive the full list of users on the system This will help the bank market flourish, and the functionality will be scope limited after testing. »

Building a personal banking iOS app

As part of of my project to build out banking infrastructure I needed to create something “above the line” to showcase the functionality. Since the functionality has been implemented and stabilised, I have been deciding on the best way to show what can be done with this, outside of command line client commands to a server. The options for showcasing this functionality came down to two initial choices: a web application, or a mobile application. »

Accounts, security and payments

This post is part of a series on a project I am doing to build banking architecture. Since the initial post on payments processing I have made progress on the “next steps” functionality, as well fully implemented one aspect of payments. This functionality is: Securing the TCP connection using TLS Authorization of requests using token-based auth Account creation Payments processing on accounts This post will detail this functionality, as well as go through a full account creation and payment between accounts. »