A deeper look at integrating payments

Over the past week I’ve put in quite a bit of time looking at the next step in the banking project. One of the more pressing issues I’ve been wanting to get done is real world payment integration. This post is a follow up to a previous post. The goal The end result I am aiming for is quite simple: to let Alice pay Bob from their mobile. Alice could also request payment from Bob, and Bob can pay Alice without having a user account on the system. »

Bank project: Integrating in the real world

After building out a rough version of an iOS app to showcase the functionality, I’ve put a lot of thought into the next steps to take. The immediate follow on: Fix the iOS app, make stable Integrate required functionality into the server for the above Write tests Documentation This can be written over the course of a few weeks and is also ongoing. In the greater scheme, the project should have some real world use. »