Weekly update - 9 March 2016

Strictly speaking these aren’t weekly updates anymore, but hey who’s counting. During the last two weeks or so I’ve travelled to the UK, dived deeper into Go, and made good progress on the Visa package. UK trip I spent 10 days in the UK, half in London and half in Leeds. While in London I got to meet with some great people and initiatives, and got to see some friends who I haven’t seen in years. »

Weekly update - 24 February 2016

The last week and a half has been interesting and fairly admin heavy, so that’s what I am blaming the delayed post on. As part of the admin life process, I’ve been looking into reasons for study, the banking project, exciting companies in the fintech space, the software environment in London, Docker, React and more programming. It’s been pretty introspective but rewarding. React In the search for expanding my skillset, I’ve decided on React as a front end framework. »

Weekly update - 8 February 2016

Another week goes by. The States is still fun, and I’m getting more used to working from here. Banking project I managed to get some work done on the banking project. I spent quite a while designing the new look and feel, and then implementing that look on the mobile app. Coming from a web perspective Swift has some intricacies around doing styling, but it was pretty easy to pick up. »

Weekly update - 1 February 2016

The past week and a bit had two awesome weekends and not that much else. Work has been pretty standard, and planning around the snow proved interesting and fun. Snow The weekend before last saw record snowfall in Washington, D.C. and the surrounds. We got a little over 30 inches which is incredible. We went out and enjoyed the snow on the Saturday before the blizzard came in. It was knee deep and powder, we were loving life. »

Weekly update: 21 January 2016

Today marks one week from landing in the USA. It’s been pretty good, mostly trying to get settled in again. Going from west to east to west is difficult on sleep patterns, but I am getting better at adjustment. Loving the travel so wouldn’t change a thing. Clothing project Everything has arrived for the clothing project, namely the labels, updated patterns and the material. The material is amazing: a super light merino wool. »

Weekly update - 13 January 2016

And so another weekly cycle finishes. The past seven days or so have been productive, and I now sit ready to take on the USA for six months. Banking project I finally got some work done on the banking project. I pushed the project live onto a publicly accessible server, and finished implementing the iOS app. The app now sits at functional prototype stage, which is awesome. I learned a fair amount implementing the table lists, tabs and error handling. »