Back in the game (a half year update)

It’s been so long since the last post it got to the point of awkwardness, “How do I reintroduce myself? Should it be a weekly update?”. The past six months have had some interesting developments. End of an era At the top of the list is the most recent development, I have left my previous employer CSG and am now a free man (or “unpaid” man depending on your view). »

Weekly update - 7 January 2016

The past week has been really relaxed, mainly due to the New Years period and being away. A few days of much needed downtime proved to be rejuvenating, especially being in the mountains. Pre-NY downtime In all honesty, I don’t quite remember doing anything particular last week Wednesday and Thursday during the day. I think it was a mixture of some reading, and watching loads of anime using the service I built. »

Weekly update - 29 December 2015

This past week has been pretty busy, but more centered around relaxing than work. It’s a nice change to have some proper downtime and see some friends. Joburg social A good friend of mine Chris came down to Joburg to spend some family time, so we headed off to Parkhurst for some great dinner at The Wolfpack. They serve an incredible vegan burger, and the food and atmosphere was great. »

Weekly update - 22 December 2015

The past week has been pretty busy. I’m back in South Africa after two months of being in the UK and the USA, and it feels good. There really is no place like this on earth. The travel here was less than ideal, in which I was making my way from the US to South Africa over a 30 hour stretch. I didn’t sleep for 24 hours, and the jet lag hit me really hard. »

Weekly update - 14 December 2015

A good friend of mine Tyler started doing weekly updates a while ago, and I am following his example. I’ll be posting weekly updates on thoughts and happenings, most likely centered around tech, politics and my personal projects. Banking infrastructure I’ve made great progress on the banking infrastructure project that I am building out, but haven’t had a chance to touch it again. Now that there is enough functionality done to serve as a showcase, I began work on the iOS app. »