My skillset

Over the last 10 years I have built software for use by media houses, telcos, communities and governments. Project Management and Architecture Numerous recent roles have involved the design and implementation of custom and complex software. Most recently I was the lead on all of our core products which number 8 in total. I managed the priorities of tasks and ensure that requests from the board are aligned with the development team’s internal roadmap of bug fixing, improvements and feature addition. »

Bank authentication - a better workflow

There is a lot to be fixed in the banking industry. In dealing with retail banks, consumers continue to have a multitude of bad experiences for a vast array of tasks. These tasks can be anything from the mundane to the complex, but they all stem from a similar issue. Banking is a massive industry, and most modern banks are several decades old at least. With the pace of current technological growth, consumers’ expectations are not being met. »

About Me

I am 30 years old from Johannesburg, South Africa currently residing in London, United Kingdom and am a recipient of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa. I have a decade of programming experience, most recently employed as Lead Engineer at a mobile communications encryption company. My main focus was on project management and product development, working with a team under me to ensure stakeholder interests are aligned with the projects, while ensuring that the software is developed in a correct manner. »